[c]/swɛl / (say swel)

verb (swelled, swollen or swelled, swelling)
verb (i)
1. to grow in bulk, as by absorption of moisture, by inflation or distension, by addition of material in the process of growth, or the like.
2. to rise in waves, as the sea.
3. to well up, as a spring or as tears.
4. to bulge out or be protuberant, as a sail, the sides of a cask, etc.
5. to grow in amount, degree, force, or the like.
6. to increase gradually in volume or intensity, as sound.
7. to arise and grow within one, as a feeling or emotion: *his mind growing upon him and his imagination swelling at each moment, to see the Hand of the Lord in all the things that had been happening around him –michael meehan, 2000.
8. to become puffed up with pride; behave or talk arrogantly or pretentiously.
verb (t)
9. to cause to grow in bulk.
10. to increase gradually in loudness, as a musical note.
11. to cause (a thing) to bulge out or be protuberant.
12. to increase in amount, degree, force, etc.
13. to affect with swelling emotion.
14. to puff up with pride.
15. the act of swelling.
16. condition of being swollen.
17. increase in bulk; inflation or distension.
18. a part that bulges out, or a protuberant part.
a. a wave, especially when long and unbroken: *He jumped out, waited for a small swell and dragged the boat up a little further onto the sand as Eddie cut the motor. –robert g barrett, 1999.
b. such waves collectively, being uniform in appearance, sorted by period, and with longer wave length and period than sea waves.
20. a gradually rising elevation of the land.
21. increase in amount, degree, force, etc.
22. gradual increase in loudness of sound.
23. Music
a. a gradual increase (crescendo) followed by a gradual decrease (diminuendo) in loudness or force of musical sound.
b. the sign (< >) for indicating this.
c. a contrivance, as in an organ, by which the loudness of notes may be varied.
24. a swelling of emotion within one.
25. Chiefly US Colloquial
a. a fashionably dressed person.
b. a person of high social standing.
adjective Chiefly US Colloquial
26. (of things) stylish; elegant; grand: a swell hotel.
27. (of persons) fashionably dressed; of high standing, especially socially.
28. first-rate; excellent.
{Middle English; Old English swellan}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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